We are delighted to confirm that Matt Embree (of RX Bandits) joins the Rarebreed Flexi Subscription party!  This is hot on the heels of the announcement that Chris DeMakes got in on the Rarebreed action with his reggae/soul take on a bunch of hair metal classics

To celebrate Mr Embree's arrival we have teamed up with New Noise Magazine to unveil his reggae/soul cover of Ellie Goulding's "Guns and Horses".  Go here to check it out and go here to place your order!

About the release Vinnie said: “We’re huge fans of Matt Embree. Hands down he is one of the most talented men we know. We could listen to him sing all day long and we are positive you could too. We teamed up with Matt to be a part of our flexi subscription and we’re so stoked he agreed. Here is a taste of Matt doing a version of Ellie Goulding’s ‘Guns and Horses.’ This is a musthave for any collector or die-hard RX fan.”

To say that Chris DeMakes is a secret metalhead is huge understatement and we have the tracks to prove it. We've teamed up with Chris for our Flexi Subscription and these songs sound incredible.

Chris decided to take on Motley Crue and Iron Maiden and cover them like you've never heard before.Chris' track shall be part of our Flexi subscription service and isavailable to pre-order here, ships early 2016. To celebrate we teamed up with Substream Magazine to bring you the exclusive stream.  GO LISTEN AND LOVE IT.

If you're a Less Than Jake fan ten you'll know their love of all things 80's metal.  As such it will come as no surprise to you that Chris chose to cover Motley Crue and Iron Maiden.  Here is what he had to say:

I was approached by Vinnie and Obi to participate in their Rare Breed series. They played me a few tracks they had with other artists singing. I thought it was great and was immediately intrigued by the idea of doing a few 80's metal songs retooled into reggae tunes.

After much consideration, I settled on "Home Sweet Home" by Motley Crue. The 80's metal tunes often get a lot of slack, but when you look past the image of the bands and listen to the melodies with open ears, there's a lot of good stuff there. When I heard the reggae arrangement, I knew I had made a cool choice.

I'm super excited about this project and am honored I was asked to be a part of it. Can't wait to share more of these tunes with you!

Listen To JUKEBOX 101!

Jukebox 101 are an "American band with a jukebox style" 
Jeff Roffredo and Jesse Wagner of The Aggrolites teamed up to bring us some beautiful music and remind us how rich and deep the heritage of R&B and Reggae music is not only on a national level but also international as well as universal. Feel good music is for everyone! This debut EP is drenched in American soul and Rock N Roll, all the classics that inspired the greats in Jamaica and all around the world. Tunes like “Don’t Wait Too Long” and “The Dream I Had of You” are sure to get you singing and swinging!


Summer Music / Winter Time

Now that you've settled into your after holiday routine, let me say we are here to fill your ear holes with reggae music as we head into winter. For FREE.

We're excited to bring you some tunes to warm you up this winter. This one in particular is a bit special for us because there are some bands we want to get on your radar. Bands like The Pomps, The Steady 45's, The Far East and The Doped Up Dollies will have you forgetting about the cold in no time. Download these 320kbps mp3's and keep each other warm by sharing the love with everyone you know.

1. The Pomps – All My Guns

2. The Slackers – Go Go Go

3. JukeBox 101 – Don’t Wait Too Long

4. Anthony Raneri – Check Your Time

5. Big D and the Kids Table – Strictly Rude Dub

6. King Django - Aiming

7. The Far East – Youth Man

8. Obi Fernandez – Color of Your Voice

9. Beebs and Her Money Makers - Truth

10. The Steady 45’s – Mama Said

11. Doped Up Dollies – Me, Fireman and Lion

12. Brooklyn Attractors – Green Mango

You Download our new RARE BREED BREED SAMPLER, 



Download Our Free Summer Sampler

Summer is here and there is no better way to kick it off than with some killer tunes and good vibes from yours truly, Rarebreed Recording Company. We teamed up with some friends to bring you a fully loaded serving of Ska, Reggae and Soul. Big up to Red Dragon Apparel for partnering with us on this project and a huge thanks to our friends over at Easy Star Records and Rootfire for contributing to the audio goodness. Download these tunes now, check out all these amazing artists and let this soundtrack to summer play on repeat everywhere. 

Download the sampler HERE

Stream it via Soundcloud HERE


Stream the debut single from The Young Ones featuring Anthony Raneri HERE!

Stream the debut single from The Young Ones featuring Anthony Raneri HERE!

RareBreed Recording Company, a brand new label whose culture and asthetic is deeply rooted in 60’s soul and reggae tradition, proudly unveils the debut single from new Ska and Reggae artists The Young Ones, featuring Anthony Raneri of celebrated indie and punk band Bayside on vocals.

The track, aptly titled "The Young Ones," is a cover of the 1960's classic from Cliff Richard and The Shadows, and is available as the debut release from the newly launched imprint, whose mission it is to shine a spotlight on two genres currently experiencing a resurgence, and are arguably more successful than they've been in their storied history.



Released on white flexi-disc vinyl, the new Young Ones single is available as part of the label's Collector's Box Set subscription series (currently shipping now), with future releases to land in subscribers' mailboxes every two months (white Flexi vinyl is exclusive to box-se subscriptions, black flexi single available and limited to 135 for those not wanting to be a part of the subscription).

* Subscribe to RareBreed's Flexi-Disc Box Set here!


The Rare Breed Flexi Disc Subscription

The Flexi Project is a fresh and fun assortment of audible goodness for all collectors and groove heads out there. The first release from new label, Rare Breed Recording Company aims to be a favorite for any fan of Soul and Reggae music. Coupled with creative packaging and dynamic tunes, Rare Breed’s promise is to give the listener an over the top experience both audibly and visually. Label founders Vinnie Fiorello (Less Than Jake) and Obi Fernandez (Westbound Train) have already enlisted bands like The Slackers, Westbound Train and more. This Subscription based release is Rare Breed’s introduction to the world and will be sure to keep us all wanting more.